Brian Reichholf

Molecular Biologist/Bioinformatician

Initially trained in networking and electronics I combine the problem solving mindset of an engineer with the analytical skills established during my PhD studies. This allows me to tackle data sets in a very unique way, acquiring new tools quickly when required. Over the last years, I have come to enjoy asking interesting questions, retrieving and mining the data sets I need to answer them, and then visualising them in a meaningful manner.


Institute of Molecular Biotechnology

PhD Student, Molecular Biology • Nov 2013 — Present

Developed and optimised a protocol to metabolically label newly transcribed RNA. Wrote a cluster-agnostic pipeline to identify new and old RNA in silico using Nextflow, NumPy, pandas, and dplyr. Taught colleagues fundamentals of unix shell environments, scripting, and data analysis using R and tidyverse. Provided continuous support debugging bash and R scripts.

Open Science — Vienna Open Lab

Tutor • 2011 — 2015

Taught basic scientific concepts (e.g. different states of matter; surface tension; hydrophobic vs hydrophilic liquids), biology (e.g. DNA extraction from plants or oral mucus membrane) and molecular biology (e.g. influence of genes on sleep; analysis of different meats to determine beef, pork, goat and horse content) to children aged 5 and up in an age appropriate manner. While doing so, establishing the required theoretic understanding and performing according experiments such as DNA extraction, enzymatic restriction, PCR and gel electrophoresis.


Clinical Technical Specialist • 2005 — 2007

Solely responsible for the Austrian market. Duties included fitting cochlear implants to each patients' needs, overseeing and giving technical instructions during implantation in the operation theatre in areas with lower sales penetration, and held seminars with colleagues to train audiologists and speech therapists.

Login GmbH

System Administrator • 2003 — 2004

Responsible for network, printer and server infrastructure, as well as maintenance of web, network, domain and tape backup services. First level support for co-workers solving Windows configuration problems as well as specialised tasks in the Microsoft Office suite.


University of Vienna / Institute of Molecular Biotechnology

PhD (Life Sciences / Molecular Biology) • Nov 2013 — Present

Thesis work is currently being done in the Ameres Lab, at IMBA, determining production and turnover kinetics of microRNAs in living cells. Performed all relevant experiments on both web-lab and dry-lab side and implemented a data analysis pipeline to preprocess the high throughput sequencing data. Established R and tidyverse for several users in the lab as tool of choice for data exploration and visualisation.

University of Vienna & UCSF

Master of Science (Cell Biology) • 2011 — 2013

Thesis work was performed in Petritsch Lab, at UCSF (2012), researching the function of the BRafV600E mutation in adult neural stem cells and paediatric malignant astrocytomas. Implemented custom python scripts in ImageJ to achieve consistent automated analysis of fluorescent microscopy images.

University of Vienna

Bachelor of Science (Biology) • 2007 — 2011

Joined Austrian Student Union and represented students in various committees of the University of Vienna.

TGM — Technologisches Gewerbemuseum

Secondary School Graduation (technical college) • 2003

Electrical engineering and network engineering education. Completed Cisco Certified Network Associate training and obtained CCNA (Routing & Switching) certificate.


Data analysis and visualisation

I started automating data entry and handling in all previous positions. To perform a tailored data analysis, I taught myself python (using NumPy and pandas) to read out and process specialised machine data, and R (most recently, tidyverse) to analyse and visualise high throughput sequencing data. Colleagues regularly consult me for help analysing data, quickly prompting me to think outside of the box and suggest both analytical methods and options for visualising their results.

Data and Scientific Presentation

Presenting my research progress at least once every two months has trained me to communicate results concisely and in a compelling manner. Be it in a small group of 10 people, or in front of an audience of 200, I enjoy presenting and conveying data intelligibly.

Teaching, Coaching & Mentoring

I have several years of experience effectively communicating various concepts, both in and outside of science. From establishing a baseline of knowledge, to explaining details in simple terms, I enjoy helping people learn new concepts. In addition, working on my own and assisting on others' personal development has taught me how to ask good questions and lead people to fulfill their goals.

Outside Interests

  • Active Lifestyle (Cycling, Gymnastics, CrossFit, Scuba diving)
  • Brian M Bendis Comics
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Personal development


Vienna Biocenter (VBC)

PhD Student Representative • 2014 — 2015

Organised student retreats and social events, planned and conducted annual student satisfaction survey, represented PhD students' interests to scientific group leaders on campus. Initiated campus-wide communications platform to streamline interaction across different organisations.

University of Vienna

Mentor for first year students • 2010 — 2011

Guiding students through university and ensuring a smooth transition from secondary school to university. Helping them settle in to university life; establish a decent learning rhythm; give answers to questions about stipends, housing and student rights.

Arbeiter Samariter Bund

Paramedic • 2004 — 2005

Administering first aid to members of the audience during concerts and various sporting events. Giving first aid assistance to patients on site of accidents as well as during transport to hospitals.